The Whereabouts

You can track me down if I'm playing with a band. Click on the calendar and use the key to determine the who, where and when. Below that, you can read descriptions of some of the establishments which this clarinetist habituates. And, as always, I'm very happy to talk to you or share a correspondence: email or 612-250-5719.


Band Key:
Southside Aces=SSA
Patty and the Buttons=Buttons
Bill Evans New Orleans Jazz Band=BENJB
French 75=F75
Creole Four=C4

We just call it the Eagles. If you're a fan of $7 steak dinner specials and have a sense of fraternal order, the maroon building at 25th and 25th in South Minneapolis is for you. An acre of dance floor with some Aces for the dancing. Every month we feature a different musician or composer from jazz history. And your paid admission automatically enters you into a raffle! One more thing. If your sense of fraternal order requires free parking, they have more free spaces than you have cars. 

Sunday brunch on the river, 125 Main in Minneapolis. A sunny spot where, if you can tear your eyes off the spectacle of Patty and the Buttons, you can peer across the cobbled Main Street to see the rushing waters of the Mighty Mississip's Upper St. Anthony Falls, with Downtown Minneapolis behind. Dancers carve out a bit of the wood floor; families gather with the occasional child still young enough to be both fascinated and somewhat frightened by accordions; lovers hold their own counsel; solitary souls combine comestibles, jazz and a good book to find their satisfaction. The Aster not only fills your belly, but can accommodate those in search of the hair of the dog.

Let's say you're tooling down a Wisconsin byway and right about the time you set to feeling famished you stumble upon a cinderblock supper club. Bennett's reminds me of such a place, only this one is right on West 7th and Victoria in St. Paul. So the only stumbling that might occur would be born of excess. The Bill Evans New Orleans Jazz Band holds down the  last Tuesday of every month. Supper, jazz fans and hockey fans. And in case you're still not sure of Bennett's roadhouse credentials, the video game Big Buck Hunter is stationed at the front door.