In addition to being a clarinetist for hire, the below musical services can also be provided. Please contact me through email or at 612-250-5719 with any questions.


Are you a professional looking to improve your traditional jazz chops? Did you just pull that old clarinet off the pile going to Goodwill and decide it would be fun to give it another try? Are you new to the whole thing? I can help.

I have a classical background on the instrument; my first teachers provided this foundation. Since 1998, however, I've been under the tutelage and mentorship of alumni of the Hall Brothers Jazz Band, including Bill Evans, Charlie DeVore and Butch Thompson, as well as Sidney Bechet master Henry Blackburn. What I have to offer in terms of a traditional jazz education I mostly learned at their feet. 

I have students go through fundamentals and theory, learning how they are applied to jazz performance. I identify the different roles of the clarinet in jazz, and help build a repertoire of songs. This includes an historical aspect of the lessons, listening to and learning about the past masters. Additionally, students can learn the art of carving upon and fixing their reeds to maximize performance.

Rates are $40 for a half hour, $50 for an hour. Contact me to schedule a time.


I am the arranger for the Southside Aces, and possess a large repertoire of charts. These range from the more simple melody and chords, to full six-piece band arrangements (trumpet, clarinet, trombone, guitar, bass, drums). Or perhaps you have a special tune or handful of tunes for which you need charts, and you can't spot them on my list. Or maybe you'd like a tune transcribed off of a recording. All of these services are available. Please contact me for my rates, repertoire list and with any further questions.


I am experienced at providing lectures on early jazz history. From broader perspectives—music of the Harlem Renaisance, or Chicago Jazz, for example—to specific biographies such as Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet or George Lewis just to name a few. Imagine learning about these eras and artists while listening to the music that they created. Live performance of the music alongside the lecture can also be provided. Contact me with specific needs to determine rates.

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